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G418 EvoPure®

Product overview

EvoPure® G418 provides an isolated product with low cell toxicity having a purity of greater than 99.5% and no
individual group of Gentamicin impurities exceeding 0.1%, wherein the purity and the impurities are
measured by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and G418 having the formula:

Comparative HPLC analysis of G418 purities from three vendors vs. EvoPure® grade

Surival rate of G418 Resistant Cells at higher concentration of G418 (1000 μg/mL)

Batch A B C EvoPure®
NIH3T3 Resistant cells 88% 46% 12% 97%
HeLa Resistant Cells 64% 31% 9% 91%