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Why G418 EvoPure®?

G418 is commonly used in laboratory research to select genetically engineered cells
(Typically using Neomycin resistant genes as a selectable marker). The concentration
for mammalian cells is about 400µg/ml for selection and 200µg/ml for maintenance.
It can also be used as G418 for selection or Neomycin for maintinance. Thus G418
Neomycin combination is very effective. Unfortunately, the purity of commercial available
G418 ranges anywhere from 60% to 92%.

Recent studies showthat the major impurities of G418 are Gentamicin C1, C2, C1a, C2a,
X2 and A. It is foundthat Gentamicin C1, C1a, C2, C2a and A have very high toxicities to
several G418 resistant mammalian cells (ED50 5-20µg/ml). Gentamicin X2 shows much
lower toxicities than other G418 impurities. By using today's best separation technologies
EvoPure® G418 is the purest (>99.5%) G418. By using EvoPure® G418 you can use higher
working concentration (from 400µg/ml to 5000µg/ml) for rapid elimination of sensitive cells.

EvoPure® Advantages:
Shorter or no re-optimization required
Faster post-transfection recovery time
More accurate and consistent results